Wanting food for thought to read with your beverage at home, at work, in your favorite eatery? on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, the computer at the library?

Twiddling your thumbs waiting for a meeting to start? Needing inspiration to prepare members to be actively engaged?

Tired of tid-bit pages framed with ads and occasional jokes?

Wanting quickly digestible insights? Articles short enough to finish before your drink gets cold, looses its sparkle?

The Loving Community Infoletter first issue “Being a Good Friend” will be released soon.

Each new monthly issue has fresh insights as stand-alone thought-points. Each build on previous issues through reinforcement of reflective clear communication–necessary to build healthy supportive communities.

Let us, together, become better friends to ourselves, to each other, and to a hurting world.

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The Loving Community Information Newsletter Index

12 Issues per Yearly Volume

Segments can comfortably be put into bulletins and memos.

Each online Loving Community monthly infoletter issue is a 4-page PDF guide. Authentic communication increases effectiveness, personal wellbeing, and our friendship potential.
Each issue has approximately nine talking points/articles to discuss and reflect.

1.   Being a good friend starts with pure intent.

2.   Helping relationships are a two-way street.

Picture credit: Volume 1, Issue 2: Jesus heals the girl with a fever was created by Timothy Keller, author and pastor of Redeemer Church, http://www.amazon.com/Jesus-King-Understanding-Life-Death/dp/1594486662
Complements the article “Do you want to be healed?”

3.   Access ideas to avoid communication going sidewise when we are not on the same wavelength and neither feel heard. Address regrets to be a good friend to yourself.

4. Pressures of fears and offence are the brick walls of loving communication. Explore in a relaxed environment ways of being free of such weights, with forgiveness as key to open up potentials.

5. Crisis is the need to make a critical decision. Explore its phases, touching varied issues of transformation, addiction, and a family scenario via the articles as with speaking with a trusted friend over tea or coffee.

6. There is hope of spiritual convalescence in the face of how spiritually poor and desperate we feel: face codependency, addictions and abuse as the soul drain that they are.

7. Communication matters: feedback techniques reassure each other; rephrasing, restating; voice tone and face language can make or break a friendship connection.

8. Attitudes shape us and affect how we react and respond: review good attitudes and choose them as our emotional seed-bed throughout life. Consider sharing your reflections.

9. Personal crisis is mentally, spiritually, and physically taxing: each personal crisis and loss is unique, and we feel so isolated, we are not alone.

10. Terminal illness is no picnic, and neither is being the grieving partner, friend, family member. So, what’s good about it?

11. How do you forgive yourself and others? With unfinished emotional business, our emotions range from anger/rage/resentment, guilt, and despair. We lose sleep. We self-medicate. What is correct with forgiveness?

12. Pay attention to a better way for yourself with tools to help you to enrich your life, and consequently the lives around you. Wanting more in personal transformation is our human right.

True friendships don’t mysteriously appear, they are continuous decisive acts of devotion to one another.
Follow the North Star to freedom of integrity, determination, and courage.
Sage Brush is the FreedomLine Enterprises imprint for its spiritual/psychological/healing publications.

Janet A McDonald
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