You shall have hard and difficult times in the world, however, be of good cheer. The way, the truth and the life has overcome the world that closes in around you.

I often say that I wouldn’t wish my life on a dog, but neither would I trade it for the world. My life has been a mix of Greek tragedy and Comic opera. However, when I reflect on these trials and what kind of person I would be and what level of wisdom and understanding I would have without them, I find these pressures the most precious of gifts. How do I find light in the darkness?

Take a lump of coal and call it solid sunshine. Long before humanity roamed the earth the planet was covered with vast forests. These floors in a hot, steamy atmosphere stored within itself the radiant sunshine which shone year in and year out. Forests decay over time and sank into soft marshy earth, and other forests grew up over them. These in their turn sank to make room for still more forests. As the centuries rolled by, the forests underwent a great change which gradually turned into what seemed a whole. We can call it solid sunshine.

This solid sunshine, when lit, gives off light and heat energy–energetic power at our fingertips. Further pressed down and shaken up it becomes a clear beautiful diamond that dances with the rays of the sun.

What is pressing you down and shaking you up? Where is the opportunity to become more focused/pressed down? What tools do you have to navigate through the rough and tumble and beating down of your daily life?

Ahh, to guide the journey so in the end our diamond be spotless without imperfections! We certainly cannot accomplish that on our own.

What way do you follow? Is it difficult to walk in another’s shoes? You are making the pressing down a burden instead of a joy. Even saying, “Tell me more about that” takes you out of yourself and places you at a place of opportunity to understand another’s needs. Or do you disrespect people by cutting  other people off? The way of loving responsibility  is not door-mat love but is skillfull, mindful and deliberate. Love even when it is not convenient. Love even when you have to make an extra selfless effort.

Does truth, does reality, do facts press you down? What circumstances, what past is heavy on your back bending you down so you cannot look up? Truth is not sentimental. The Gita tells us this when the blue god Krishna told Arjuna to fight back against his warring cousin. He had to slay the sentimentality within that was causing indecision. Do not overlook faults but spotlight them for inner-world change which will spill out into changes in the outer world. Mercy gives us the strength to face truth and make necessary changes, to make the hard decisions. Mercy keeps us from being alone.

How do you live your life? This ties into the way and truth. With the way and truth maturing you, you are equiped to enter into life relationships in a deeper commitment basked in loving intent, not selfish gain.

We are all pressed down and shaken. Choose life. Choose truth. Choose the way. You will find sunshine stored inside you from trails and tribulation and you will have quality energy to share and to spare.

 Every time you think of coal energy, diamonds and harnessing the rays of the sun, remember the creative energy power locked within you being pressed down into greater and greater quality and thank God for your trials and tribulations. Each time you see a piece of coal, a diamond or sunshine or even our electric sunshine remember the sunshine, the radient power within you waiting to be unleashed to brighten all whom you meet. Brighten dark, sagging gloomy spots and cheer them for this solid sunshine is always with you. Let the Holy Spirit unleash it. J. 16.33.

The sequel:

Janet Wiebe