Check out these indicators of good nutrient intake and absorption:

  1. ability of wounds to heal easily and adequately (optimally)
  2. adequate or optimal growth and development, appropriate weight for one’s age, height and activity
  3. clear eyes
  4. clear smooth fingernails
  5. clear smooth skin of good colour
  6. firm and well-shaped bones
  7. firm muscles
  8. glossy hair
  9. good and normal resistance to infections
  10. good appetite
  11. good posture
  12. good elimination
  13. mental and physical alertness
  14. restful and relaxed sleep
  15. well aligned teeth, healthy gums

How many qualities of good health fit you? What needs improvement? 

Most of us complain of no enough energy. This is an indicator of poor cellular function precipitating fatigue, mental confusion, disease and ultimately death.

Solar energy converts into chemical energy by way of calories, which convert the stored energy to cellular energy (ATP) by removing atoms from the food molecules (carbohydrates, amino acids from protein, and fatty acids from fats). Cells manufacture enzymes which coordinate reactions. Cofactors (vitamins and minerals) are required to work with enzymes to convert calories to cellular energy. Protein builds up and repairs tissues, essential for growth and development. Water, vitamins and minerals regulate body functions. Carbohydrates and fats provide heat and energy.

Consumption of food full of quality nutrients is becoming more and more rare. Over-worked land, herbacides and pesticides compromise the adequate absorption of nutrients. Our foods are picked before theyare ripe and then shipped out. Refined foods have most cofactors removed: white bread, white sugar, many vegetable oils, with only a few nutrients reintroduced. Cells can’t change calories to ATP without sufficient cofactors.

Brain cells transmit messages: production of substance, storage, release, reaction with next cell, termination of action. Mental “disorders”, chronic degenerative diseases, are being treated by diet and supplements: senility, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, schizophrenia, learning and behaviour disorders, as well as straight physical conditions of cancer of the colon, diverticular disease, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, prostatitis, etc.

In 1940, 20% processed food was consumed. In 1978, 75% processed food was consumed. How much processed food are you eating? Can you think of any food you are eating that is not overprocessed? No wonder this world is suffering from a massive percentage of chronic degenerative diseases.

Alternative Health News Online, June 14, 1999 indicates  antioxidants appear to help regulate blood sugar in diabetics. Duke University Medical Center scientist Dr. Emmanuel Opara says that his research shows vitamin C and E, beta-carotene combined seem to be the most effective.

When Janet A Wiebe started taking superior grade food supplement capsules, she not only could handle the fluctuations of the blood sugar better, she could eat less because her body was satiated with the nutrients it craved bringing her weight closer to the ideal diabetic weight (10 pounds below normal for height, age and build). It did not take away the diabetes, but it manages it in a superior way giving more energy besides. Blood sugar management is the result.

The Super Antioxidants by Dr. J. Balch, MD, Evans, 1998 indicates the transportation of vitamin C into the cells is accomplished by its connection to insulin. Therefore, diabetics often don’t have enough intracellular vitamin C, and vitamin C deficiency exists in many diabetics despite what would normally be considered adequate dietary intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin C at high doses (at least 2,000 mg per day) effectively reduces the accumulation of dangerous sorbitol in the red blood cells of diabetics. The accumulation of sorbitol is linked to many complications of diabetes, particularly eye and nerve disorders.

There are various food supplements available in health food stores. Your health care professional may be able to assit you in the nutitional supplementation is good for you. See  for the great adaptogenic herb, Ganoderma Lucidum, providing you with over 200 nutrient properties.

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