Dani Johnson of danijohnson.com, has coined the phrase:

“Excuses are the well-planned lie!”

She encourages us in her audio vault of August 29, 2005 to stop letting excuses run our lives.  Instead of living in the past, regurgitating what opportunities we didn’t have or failed to take advantage of, what changes are you going to effect from here? Dani spring-boards from the concept of positive thinking with pro-active skill training.

The hit book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne modernizes Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking with reference to a law of attraction, that like attracts like, that with positive thinking you can have, be, do anything you want as you come to know who you really are. Let love pour into you so love pours out. Healing prayer is not giving in to the negativity of illness. Turn every experience as a learning experience, an opportunity. Not only treat yourself the way you want others to treat you but seek to help others. We attract who we are. We do not have to attempt those lofty goals alone.

There are more valid generalizations that are the underpinning of business training. Carl Jung (1875-1961) stated “What you resist persists.” Focus instead on the opposite. Don’t get revenge, get rich. Put your emotion and attention away from what you don’t want and place the atention on what you wish to experience. This involves skill training to get out of your rut.

Dani trains where Carnegie and Byrne leave off. It is easy to say “act as if you are receiving it today”, but if you do not continually receive training to act productively, you will quickly become discouraged. Avoid autopilot or non-thinking thought and feeling which develop apathy. Don’t let life ride by default. Don’t just visualize the desired result–train for it! Let your intention initiate action–plan your work and then work your plan!

Mt 21:22; Mk 11:24

If you focus on “I don’t want to argue” your thoughts gravitate to the phenomenon of arguing. Rather, say what you do want. Probe the person’s point of view, thus regaining control of the conversation and effecting a positive plan of action and implementation. Can you see how you attract your predominant conscious and unconscious thoughts?

What you are is what you will provoke in others. Their excuses may reflect your excuses. The kind of impact you have on others is totally up to you. We often settle into habits that pass on to generations.

Make a commitment to dream and hope again. Live life to the fullest and with integrity. God hates excuses. Equip yourself so you are not subject to other people’s excuses. Why not? Do you want to look back at the end of your days and be able to say you gave it your best shot? “I don’t know how to do it.” “That’s just not me.” “I don’t have the time.” “I’ll wait ’til next month.” “I’m not good at talking with people.” “I’m not good with computers.” “I like to look things over before making a move.” “I have to ask my spouse.” “I’m afraid of flying.” “I don’t know of anyone anyway.” “I don’t like to drive.” “It doesn’t work for people like me.”

What do you mean this isn’t for you? Don’t use God as an excuse not to do what you are suppose to do. Being ill, hopeless is not the will of God. When there is a will, there is a way. Get right with yourself and God to get over your excuses.

The more you overcome your own excuses, the less you will put up with other people’s excuses. You cannot buy back yesterday. Live fully today. You cannot expect people to live a life of urgency if you yourself are not living a life of urgency. How you live is how you lead. Deal with the “I’ll wait” mentality. There are no “perfect circumstances”  except right now to take steps to enhance your well being.

The fruit on the vine is ready to harvest. Develop skills to harvest in order to pick the most fruit, determination (faith) strategy. If you don’t get the skill, you’re likely to stay the same. Not taking the leap is stopping you from maximizing your life. Be teachable. Develop your skill in business.

Stop letting excuses run your life. Find a way to make it happen for you are worth it. Rise up out of apathy and no vision. Its time to do something extraordinary right now. Get over your excuses and make things happen. Deal with the “I’ll wait” mentality. Failures lead to depression so don’t make unrealistic demands on yourself. Goal setting, planning and implementing the plan is to aim for something so you will reach it. Not all at once, perhaps. But in part.  Maximize who you are.

Don’t live by reasons/excuses. Live by results. Go out and make a difference in someone’s life. Do something spontaneous that you wouldn’t normally do.

Choose not to anger God with a bunch of excuses,

to step out in faith.

Step out of your rut.

Do whatever it takes.

Do something extraordinary.

Janet Wiebe with notes from Dani Johnson audio vault.