A maverick, a rebel, a disturbing element, a bitter pill…

Does that describe you or someone you have met?

Does that thought fill you with pride, shame, confusion?

Does the ends justify the means–ever?

How we go about something is less important than the intent behind it. The purity of intent, or the lack thereof, affects the outcome of actions. If you or others around you have been victimized and you seek to stand up against it defensively or on compassionate grounds or on principle or as an opportunity to be the hero, these various underlying purposes will affect your choice of action, the nature of the energy put forward and the quality of the outcome.

Look towards maximizing your hidden potential with a purity of spirit. Excelling requires extreme focus. As your steps to get where you are going are focused, so will the realization of those goals and dreams. Procrastination and distractions sabotage intent from a decision to act to mere idle thought or wishful thinking.

Affirming, or loving, yourself goes a long way towards uplifting others without a hidden insecure agenda.

Love others as you love yourself.

Whatever is in you affects the purity of what pours out of you to others.

We do not live in isolation. Every action or inaction affects others. Even if your intent is pure and filled with the desire to affirm others, if you lack the appropriate skills in the follow-through, the outcome will not be quite so effective.

When I was a teenager there was a new glossy magazine that came out–Maverick–and of course, I bought a subscription. As a young girl, an uncle who taught me how to play Euchre said to me, “I Can always be certain you will stand up for the underdog!” That has always been a defining feature of my character.

Where does such a feature lead a person without the prerequisite skills to effect change? Any attempt to create change, point out problems to alert others to a problem or issue, can convert the messenger into a bull’s-eye for target practice. It is a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

Seeing a problem is only the tip of the ice-burg. Do you go around the iceburg, blow it up, sell chunks of it in little bottles? How do you marshall others to get on board and deal with the situation? All of this requires skill. Do not be shy to amend your dream for something better as your increased skill gives you greater understanding and confidence.

To skillfully be your own person removes you from the passive verses aggressive scenario. When does assertiveness morph into aggression? When does assertiveness merely buy into a dysfunctional or malignant status quo? when does speaking “truth” or “facts” diminish everyone involved? Condemnation is the counterfeit of conviction weakening decision making processes. Develope the skills of discernment.

Catapult yourself out of that Pandora’s Box into a whole new world of perception. Move from the competative to the creative mind. Form a clear mental picture of the things you want. Hold it in your thoughts with the fixed purpose and unwavering faith.


  • free to be
  • free to have choice and responsibility
  • free to be quietly effective
  • secure in yourself to uplift others and their goals
  • free to maximize your moments

No one is free who is not master of oneself. Epictetus, Discourses.

Avoid hidden resentments that breed when other forces govern and check your activities to the extreme. Set limits! Refuse to be swayed by the whims of others. Frame your responsibility who you are and where you are heading. Don’t settle with other  people’s limited selfish vision of who and what you are. Owning your potential liberates you to be fun to be with since you have escaped the unsavory position of defensiveness, surliness and argumentativeness.

Eyes Wide Open

It is foolish not to be prepared for situations that will challenge you. It’s part of the negotiation of life. Size up life situations and face them for what they are. Make objective decisions accordingly. Live in reality, not the idealisms of the mind, to anticipate effectively and create alternative courses of action. You will find out in due course what does not work and therefore what not to repeat. Repeating mistakes over and over again is usually a sign of lack of skill on what options there are beyond what you have been doing. Own that limitation and get some communication, conflict management and negotiation training.

Ultimately, avoid impossible circumstances–and they do exist. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. One of the ways is to walk, or even run, away. That is an important trait called prudence. Accepting withdrawl or retreat as a valid choice empowers you with a mission accomplished, rather than draining you with a self-image of failure.

You will become what you expect to become. “Eyes Wide Open” is a good first step to meet that vision.