Oh, My Aching Disk!!

  • Most back problems start with trouble in the discs in the spinal cord.
  • The nucleus of the disc is a gelatinous material containing water and salt.
  • If the discs are not fully hydrated, they become thin and unable to effectively function, forcing the joints to become weight-bearing.
  • Satisfying the body’s need for water should be the first treatment.

Source: Free, Valerie. Anatomy of Back Problems, The Science of Living Water, 2004. 

Pure Water Cleanses Body of Impurities 

From blinking to our heart beats, we use up available water in our body system. Pure water without chemical contaminates is more effective at picking up and carrying out contaminants in the body.

Municiple water treatment facilities are not designed or effective for removing synthetic chemicals. That is why at Sanctuary Retreat there is a special filtration process to guarantee pure clean water for you, from your drinking water to your shower.