Ogre Maintenance

Part II

What do you do to bolster yourself when tormented, waiting for the right time to act? What actions can you employ  to protect your psyche?

It could be as simple as buying yourself a plant on the week the ogre is exceptionally irritating. Reward yourself in some symbolic way each time the tyrant begins to get under your skin. Occasionally it may become a 2-plant week but the joke is on the tyrant as you symbolically remain in control.

Keep Your Word Pure

Proper self-love is inextricably linked to the purity of your word, uncluttered with obsessions, distractions, the self-absorbed motivations of gossip. When you do not abuse yourself with negative self-talk, you will not tolerate it from others. In love and joy your strategy becomes filled with life as you discover your authentic self.

 Go Back to the Hot Spot and Re-Strategize

Don Juan Matus went back to the place where the “foreman” had shot him and left him for dead only 3 years before (Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within, 1984). He had been under constant apprenticeship since that time to pull this off: 

1.  He insisted on being paid instead of paying, galvanizing himself into a proactive stance while unhinging through surprise the ogre. He received pay from the relenting tyrant. The tyrant’s motive was to ensure his potential victim went up to the house.  Up to this point, the prospective victim always had to provide a cash payment for accepting this job offer.

Rich men either

  • knew what was going on and didn’t ask or
  • were too indifferent to even notice.

2. Don Juan ran into that horrible house, dropped on his knees and thanked her for the job. She probably didn’t know what was going on. He kept thanking her for the job, blessed her, got groups together to do rosary. She began to see him as a saint.

3. He chose the time in the day in front of the woman to loudly declare what a tyrant the man was. The tyrant was too fearful of losing his job to retaliate in front of her.

4. Don Juan ran into the stables where he knew the tyrant was unprepared. He had a board there to hide behind, protecting himself from the horse’s kicks, and the tyrant followed and was killed by a stallion at first kick.

Possibilities are what we are capable of attaining, not what we are capable of choosing. This is why apprenticing is so valuable because we are limited in our choices by our past range of experience. By extention, our awareness forces our senses to perceive in certain ways. It becomes a kind of feed-back loop that eventually makes one feel drained, oppressed, lose body tone and elude clear thinking.

Our perceptions connect us to the world around us–or separate us by petty limitations.

Apprentice under someone to explore possibilities and draw out a sense of adventure, hope, happiness and discovery getting rid of draining unnecessary habits. Save your energy for the unknown. Praying makes a good start.

Janet A. Wiebe