Your Body Repairs Itself

Health Maintenance for Your Energy Field



What does your body healing itself from a cut and your light switch have in common?


Both require flowing energy to function.

As you flip a switch for the intention to cast light, the practitioner’s intention to help facilitate the client’s energy connection and flow requires a reverent respect for the individual.

In a state of health “life energy” flows freely in, through and out of the organism in a balanced manner. In disease or injury the flow of energy is obstructed, disordered or depleted.

Energy movement practitioners cannot create energy just as your body cannot create air or water or food out of nothing. Practioners work with existing energy fields to enhance optimal energy flow for the client’s use. Energy is brought back to balance, restoring the integrity of the field towards wholeness and health.

For example, with the energy ministrations of Therapeutic Touch in Ontario, the College of Nurses Standards of Nursing Practice, this energy treatment can be administered under clause 7.1 which states “…promotes comfort by using touch, massage and stress reduction techniques”.

Unruffling the energy fields in Vibrational Medicine elicits a ‘relaxation response’ and reduces anxiety changing a person’s perception of pain as it facilitates the body’s natural restorative processes. This particular Medicine affirms Einstein’s theory of a complex interconnected energetic-field universe.

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