The Creative Power

of Being Woman

What’s With Cellulite?

A woman has relaxed softer elastic connective tissue which surrounds the insulating fatty cells of the lower skin layers. This only makes sense to accommodate pregnancy and child-birth. The dimpling ‘cellulite’ effect derives from unevenly distributed storage and breakdown of fat.

 Frame of Mind

To maintain that creative edge we need to think of cellulite differently. Not that it is wrong to try to rid yourself of cellulite, but to look at it as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the power of woman–something that becomes obscured in a ‘man’s world’. As you take charge of your life and take charge of your cellulite by owning it, you are ready to take on this empowerment journey.

Next, what is your true intentions in getting rid of the cellulite? Observe your intentions as you make life style choices and self affirmations throughout your day. Make sure your motivations are filled with loving creative energy.

A Visible Sign of Health Improvement

As the acid-alkaline balance in our bodies are being restored, the structure and functioning of the body’s proteins, cellular reparation, distribution of mineral nutrients and connective tissue function improve. See for what a nutritional balance can do for you, nourishing your skin from the inside out.

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Don’t forget–skin tissue is able to firm up with regular exercise as it stimulates blood circulation and burns fat.