Relax and unwind with our stress busters. Excessive stress can:

  • suppress the immune system,
  • affect metabolic rate,
  • increase heart rate, blood pressure, susceptibility to colds, viral infections 

Skin Strategy #1:

Sauna Delight! 

Heat has an anti-viral effect. Our infra-red sauna (not a conventional sauna) is an antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation. Heat energy is capable of neutralizing negative effects of toxic electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Relaxing and unwinding was never so healthy for you!
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Receive more strength, stress relief, increased energy, detox fat cells easier to lose weight, calorie burn without moving a muscle    


  by booking your sauna and epsom salt bath treatment today!

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I almost died in 2005 from a deadly bacteria. While on the special antibiotic for this disease, I was too weak even to get into the shower and stand–until I purchased and used this sauna three times a day. The dead and dying bacteria were toxic. The sauna pushed the toxins through the skin and got me out of bed and strong enough to stand in the shower and start to live again. My stressed kidney, adrenals and liver didn’t have to do all the filtering work! My skin, with the help of the sauna, was doing the work! Janet A Wiebe

Skin strategy #2:

Detox with a Hungarian Mud Wrap.

Full Body Mud Wrap $100 The Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap is a 1 1/2 hour body treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft and new while helping to remove toxins and wrinkles from the body, and improve circulation. If you are a painter by trade or get into other sticky situations at work, this treatment is can make you feel more alive by drawing out poisons your work has exposed you to.

This certified Curative warm mud by the Hungarian Ministry of Health is applied head to toe and then you are cocooned in warmth for twenty minutes. Clinical indications have included rheumatic and muscular pains, sports injuries, fibrosis, and arthritis. After rinsing off, you will receive a soothing rehydration with your choice of base oils, essential oils or cream.

Body Mud 1/2 Hour “Facials” $40 Added in combination with other body treatments, the Hungarian Wellness Mud Facial is either applied to the face or other small areas, such as the back, leg, shoulder or knee. Left to dry for ten minutes, the area is subsequently covered with a warm damp cloth for ten minutes and then washed off, followed by a relaxing, rehydrating mini facial massage.

Sanctuary Retreat is positioned to get you –and your skin– on the road to greater health. 
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The Hungarian Mud Wrap covers and enwraps your whole body granting you an experience of nurturing while the skin is assisted in its service of detoxing your body. A refreshing shower completes the experience or continue with a sauna!

Skin Strategy #3:

G’Beaute Body Lotion plus UV protection

is sweet medicine to the skin.  Sanctuary Retreat will help your skin get on track. After your sauna treatments reward your skin with this health promoting skin cream.

I have never been very fussed with “fussing” over my skin and all this “UV protection” stuff. I have always resisted a skin care cream routine — until now. All I know is, I walked across town in 40 degree C heat with only the G’Beaute Body lotion on my arms and I didn’t burn! Janet  A Wiebe

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exercise-room.jpgExercise equipment!

Skin strategy #4 

Feed your skin from the inside out: 

Dietary antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E are considered to be among the most important and effective antioxidant nutrients. Phytonutrients are plant-derived substances of complex compounds, as well as selenium, iron, copper, zinc, and maganese have valuable antioxidant properties. Ah, the joy of Sanctuary’s healthy beverages which have these blessed nutrients! GanoTea SOD is a powerful antioxidant beverage, one of many detoxing beverages and food supplement capsules which will maintain your antioxidant balance and help to protect the health of your cells.

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