Detox & Boost Immune System 

Retreat to Sanctuary to Rejuvenate

 Balance body, soul and mind

Two-Week Detox Package

  • Two-week Bed and Breakfast

  • Healthy Beverages, pure water and food supplement capsules (pharmaceutical grade) to detoxify your body from the inside out

  • Daily sauna to utilize the skin surface to expel toxins, easing the filtration systems of the liver and kidneys

  • Two treatments of Hungarian Mud Wrap to detoxify (10 days apart) firm your body and help you lose inches

  • Lymph massage to increase mobility of lymph system to expel toxins. Essential oils penetrate, detoxify and relax the body. Reabsorbed toxins result in headaches, lethargy, edema, abcesses, cancer or disease. Lymph massage aids in lessening the initial discomfort of passing toxins through the body for expulsion.

  Regular Price: $1,560

Discount price: $1,200

Must book two months in advance:

 Spiritual Retreat Packages

Renew at Sanctuary Retreat

Balance body, soul and mind

Two-Week Spirituality Retreat

  • Two-Week Bed and Breakfast 
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Prayerful Energy Work
  • Two-Week Retreat: Day by Day Patterns of Life; Tools to Break Negative Habits to Release You For Joy

Retreat, Refresh, Renew, Recreate, Reallign, Repattern         Your Life!

Regular Price: $1,165

 Discount Price: $1,000


 Sage Brush 4-Day Wisdom Retreats

(originally known as Personal Growth: the Journey)

Gain clarity, purpose and direction:

  • Spirituality sustains our faith, our hope and our purpose in life.
  • Spirituality has survival value–a sense of meaning increases the likelihood that you will survive trauma, tragedy and even rapid changes.
  • Spirituality integrates and heals the mind, body and spirit connection.
  • Wise spirituality cares for the sick, poor and oppressed–whether its’ nature be physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, circumstantial…
  • The core of spirituality–the way, the truth and the life–are explored in the comfort of Sanctuary Retreat Bed and Breakfast Health Spa inviting deep transformation of the soul.
  • Explore our broken ways of relating and our limited personal perspectives to begin to transcend cultural and conventional models of behaviour.
  • Organized with four units in each retreat, Sage Brush has a total of 16 units.
  1. Gaining Wisdom

  2. Wisdom: the Way

  3. Wisdom: the Truth

  4. Wisdom: the Life

  • Each Retreat  includes Bed and Breakfast

  Regular Price: $282.00

Special Group Rates may apply.

Individual Rates:

Relaxation Massage $85  Relax at Sanctuary with a one hour full-body relaxation–light to moderate depth–massage to relieve stress and tension from your body. Arise in the morning at your leisure or according to your schedule of the day for a home baked breakfast.

 Sauna $10  Looking for a sauna treatment to cleanse your body of toxins? ease your weary muscles?–schedule your time with attendant to ensure the bath/sauna room is available when it suits you.

 Aromatherapy Massage $90  One hour full-body massage using the adaptogenic essence of plants–essential oils–to relieve stress, tension and various other conditions. Pure essential oils are specially blended just with you in mind. Warmed oil soothes your senses as it is massaged gently into your skin and muscles–relieving stress and tension in your body, easing your mind.

 Area Specific Massage $40  May be added to Relaxation Massage or Aromatherapy Massage

 Full Body Mud Wrap $100  The Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap is a 1 1/2 hour body treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft and new while helping to remove toxins and wrinkles from the body, and improve circulation. If you are a painter by trade or get into other sticky situations at work, this treatment is can make you feel more alive by drawing out poisons your work has exposed you to.

This certified Curative warm mud by the Hungarian Ministry of Health is applied head to toe and then you are cocooned in warmth for twenty minutes. Clinical indications have included rheumatic and muscular pains, sports injuries, fibrosis, and arthritis. After rinsing off, you will receive a soothing rehydration with your choice of base oils, essential oils or cream.

 Body Mud 1/2 Hour “Facials” $40  Added in combination with other body treatments, the Hungarian Wellness Mud Facial is either applied to the face or other small areas, such as the back, leg, shoulder or knee. Left to dry for ten minutes, the area is subsequently covered with a warm damp cloth for ten minutes and then washed off, followed by a relaxing, rehydrating mini facial massage.

Lomi Lomi  Massage  $180   Receive a two hour deep body massage in a dance of movement and energy flow. A remarkable mind-body-spirit connection.

Dyck’s Energy Work $55  Choose from Dyck’s repertoire of energy treatments: Reiki, Shamballa, Crystal Healing, Directed Energy, and Axiatonal Alignment Therapy. Book ahead. Set aside one hour to quieten yourself and realign your body, mind and spirit.

All rates are in Canadian dollars.