The use of heat to perspire for health purposes was time-honoured both in ancient Finland, the birthplace of the sauna, and in the sweat lodges of North America as well as in other societies. The humidity increases as you perspire, the heart gets a light workout, heightens mental awareness, clears sinus congestion, decreases nervous tension, decreases inflammation of muscles, joints, arthritis, rheumatism as toxins are removed.

One recommendation states to repeat two or three times:

  1. Remain in sauna for a specified time, (when first starting for 10 minutes and increase to tolerance level with successive treatments). Sanctuary Retreat SPA recommends drinking one or two tumblers of ice water while in the sauna.
  2. Cool down with shower and to wash off toxic sweat.
  3. Gently massage skin to stimulate circulation.
  4. Lie down for about the same time you spend in the sauna.
  5. Finnish tradition provided a light snack called saunapala.

Check with a physician before you take a sauna. If you have high blood pressure, respiritory disease, serious heart or circulatory problems, or a chronic illness such as diabetes, are pregnant, are taking antibiotics, tranquilizers, stimulants, or any other drug that might be affected by an increase in metabolism.

If for any reason you begin to feel dizzy, nauseated, or uncomfortably hot while you are in the sauna, or if your pulse starts to beat abnormally fast, you should exit immediately. Children should never use the sauna unless an adult is present.
Sauna Use