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Leadership development is essential for growth and development, as is exposure to your group, business, interest to new prospects. Sanctuary Retreat is a great location to strengthen connections with your team, to establish a common vision, and share the injection of energy gathering at Sanctuary Retreat affords.

When people come together, it creates new relationships, strengthens bonds, and propels greater unity.

Every team needs to reconnect and refocus from time to time. Sanctuary Retreat provides you with the tools you need to build your business to the next level. Brainstorm in an environment of possibilities.

  • Healthy Beverages for Your TeamThe Right Ambiance Awaits YouWall Mounted TV for DVD or LaptopPresent Your Business

  • Three-way calling with speaker phone and long distance connects your team and clients to top company performers.
  • A conference space over 26 feet deep enables you to accommodate up to 20 people comfortably.
  • Large wall-mounted TV with DVD and wireless laptop connections enables your company to utilise specialized CDs, DVDs, web sites, webinars and your personal seminar presentations.
  • Review key web sites with your team.
  • Train with the most up-dated equipment.
  • With four bedrooms and beds with a total 10 person capacity, your local and distance team and clients can gather together finding an ideal location to rejuvenate, refresh, reflect and renew.
  • Team members can sign up for antioxidant programmes which will start them on a detoxifying journey to increase energy and enhance mental alertness.

What would you give for a beverage for your participants that would make them feel rejuvenated and feel more alert and attentive? Health promoting Ganoderma tea, coffees, hot chocolate, and hot cereal (an extra $2 per guest or $20/day) at events. Gifts for your guests of Gano bar soap and toothpaste must be ordered and purchased well before the event to allow for shipping.

Hourly meeting rate: $15.00 (long-distance speaker phone with three-way calling inclusive)

TV/DVD rate: $10.00 per day.

TV/Internet rate: $10.00 per day.

Laptop rental: $10:00 per day.


Handmade Paperstained-glass.jpg
Enjoy the training videos and & history of stained glass.

Need a spiritual retreat?

Graduating from the Mack School of Nursing, with a BA in psychology, three years of Master of Divinity training, your host-facilitator Janet Wiebe is ready to discuss your unique retreat requirements. Pricing to be determined.


In this homey atmosphere, your clients and associates will relax and get down to truly connecting. Utilize the broad screen TV as it connects with the wireless lap top to collectively take in webinar and audio training sessions online.

Janet A. Wiebe

St. Catharines