A recession is wonderous thing–everyone suffers! Such a grand leveler. You know the old saw, “Misery loves company”.  But beyond that warm fuzzy feeling the poor get that the richer, for now, understand how the poorer suffer on a regular basis, we also see fewer foods being sent to food banks.

Some, not many, governments are tightening their belts like R. B. Bennet and Herbert Hoover in the 1930s who contributed to the financial slump into the Great Depression. In just such a situation a “balanced budget”  concept of the Canadian Finace Minister Jim Flaherty leaves the house empty with the residents cast out onto the street.

A balanced budget is laudable as far as it goes. However, since the Great Depression, this concept hasn’t gone very far. In the modern world, how you handle credit is just as–nay–more important than being debt free every month. Higher financing and demonstrating the finesse and vision and leadership to make the hard decisions to get the job done are what speaks of value in the financial world today.

We need a governance that sees that “getting the job done” means guiding the path for all Canadians to find their vision, voice, hope and confidence that we are standing for one another to be the best that we can be. 

So be it.

Janet A. Wiebe