I just want to put paddles to the health care system in Canada. We are in cardiac arrest! The Canadian Press (Ottawa) stated a new study predicts health-care spending will continue to outpace inflation this year, similar to growth rates acording to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. The spectre looms in at a predictive 10.7 per cent of the gross domestic product.

Well, that just goes to show. I very much doubt that the gross domestic product will be as generous as they were calculating.

Now if we would look into the quality of our nutrition and lack thereof which causes much of the burden on the health care system, we can dig ourselves out of this hole and be healthier for it.

Agriculture, fitness, trade and health portfolios need to become an integrated whole in the area of enhanced wellness. Add to the uniqueness of our political territorial possessiveness provincially, and the autonomy of hospital governances from the government, we need to put out a 9-1-1 call for our Canadian Federalism. After all, my kidney (for example) doesn’t make the distinction between Regina, Hull, Halifax, Yellowknife, or Esquimault.

Janet A Wiebe