Free Will with Reflection & Reasoning

Your will (not the “love letter” for your family after you die) has inclinations which are spontaneous. What you reflect on becomes reflex action over time. You do have free will to make choices. To not reflect is a choice of the will to do nothing and to cease to grow, a type of death-knell over yourself.

The Old is Ever-New

Jesus recited an ancient rabbinic prayer to his students; some call it “The Lord’s Prayer,” others call it “The Our Father.” It is declarative and affirmative. Reflect on those things. As well, use the Beatitudes, claiming those attributes, one after another.

No matter what your philosophical-theological stand is with Jesus of Nazareth, we can all agree he is a great teacher par excellence. Take the journey with me to reshaping our minds:

1.Resolve to follow the way Jesus laid out for us.
2.Choose topic for your meditation.
3.Take a couple of long slow breaths deep into your lungs.
4.Transition from the cares of the day with a short vocal prayer.
5.Declare “Peace. Be still.” to your soul. Mentally throw off the cares of ordinary life.
6.Draw to yourself a positive silence of the presence of your loving God.
7.Use your imagination to vividly visualize a scene of meditation or a subject of meditation. Imagine yourself as a character in the story.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

1.What is the lesson the subject of meditation is teaching?
2.How does it apply to yourself? How have you lived up to the standard the teaching requires?
3.What has hindered you in the past? What can you do to improve your conduct in the future?
4.Acknowledge your free will to choose. Acknowledge that the energies of all creation and of the Holy Spirit are a part of your reality and are sources to draw upon to effect changes towards your choice. You cannot do it all in your own strength. Even as you need food for the body, you need to draw in resources to effect change in your life.
5.Excite the will to acts of these various virtues. Reflection and reasoning will decrease over time as these virtues become a part of you. You may increase your meditation time to include an absence of active reflection and reasoning in order to rest the mind.
6.Resolve to act on a virtue, such as lovingkindness, each day. You will grow in humility. Resolve to do something that is practical and your whole character will be possitively affected. The virtue becomes reflexive over time.
7.Close meditation with a prayer of thanks and confidence that you are not alone on this journey of life. Saluez!