What attitude do you have right now?

What is your emotional mood?

Attitudes are fickle. Emotions change. Your actions shape your life, revealing what is important to you.

Alter the way you think, your value system, and you change your life. What is at your core of being? What are you showing to the world?

Entitlement Value

Some of us won’t act until we are paid to act.

Merit Driven Mode

Others expect high pay for the better work they do, as with tipping.

Helping Mind-Set

Share, show, and serve those you meet. Helping is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Your helping mind-set focuses on the issue and can creatively find a way to meet that mandate. Remember the old addage:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

some bookes are to be tested, others to be swallowed, and some fewe to be chewed, and digested…

Sir Francis Bacon

The word, full of intent and direction, starts all things. Thoughts give shape to action. How clear of thought are we on the printed page? How can we be effective? How can we be change-agents in society if our expressed thoughts are not clear enough to galvanize action, getting ever-closer to the fullness of life?

It can be done. Let it happen now.

Integrity needs to keep in mind the words of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux:

Hell is full of good intentions or desires.


Good intentions, if replacing informed decisions, is a fool’s paradise. Knowledge and understanding are essential to take responsibility for your own circumstances and to thrive in emerging circumstances.

True integrity requires determination and courage.

Have a vision for your life. Take determination, courage and integrity as help-mates along your way.      Be whole.

Take the FreedomLine path to prepare yourself so you may engage the world with all the best you can be. Use the Sage Brush Series.

Are you an “open book”? Are you understood?

Speaking with others through the written page, listening devices, or face-to- face encounters help us to test our perceptions. We take in what is helpful and claim it for our own; we meditate and reflect on the implications of other sources.

But, what if those well-meaning sources aren’t expressing themselves clearly enough and they are misunderstood?
What if you are doing the same? FreedomLine helps.