Boosting Immune System to Fight Shingles
Fight shingles with this combination (I cannot recall my source):

Aged garlic extract 3 times per day capsule or liquid
Caprylic acid 100 mg 3x/day
Echinacea 100 mg daily
fibre 4-8 tablets daily psyllium with herb hyssop
Grapefruit seed extract 100 mg 3x/day
lysine 500 mg 2x/day
multi-mineral 1-4 oz daily in liquid solution, with vit B-12, biotin
multi-vitamin-mineral 3-6 caplets/day freeze-dried plant sources
vitamin A 25,000 IU daily
vitamin B-12 3 cc three days in a row
vitamin C take 500 mg hourly until diarrhea to determine body tolerance, then decrease by one dose the following days
vitamin E 2 capsules (800 IU) daily—> d-alpha tocopherol

Cool compresses of chamomile, eucalyptus or mint to relieve symptoms. Aloe vera.
Ask your doctor about 1,200 IU of capsaicin a day to treat post herpatic neuralgia. Capsaicin affects certain types of nerve fibres by thwarting substance P which sends certain pain messages to the brain.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and lentils, beans, whole grains. Avoid processed foods, white flour, and sugar.