What do you think the story might be about? Are you interested in:

–stories of fantasy and magic?

–struggles between good and evil?

–wicked witches that cast spells?

–sacrifices one hero makes to save someone else?

Would you ever:

–lie just to make yourself look good?

–like to sit on a throne in a castle?

–fight against a wicked queen?

–forgive someone who was your enemy?

You will discover all of the above and more when you read the book.

This good book touches our lives like a good friend, warming us. The death and rebirth depicted in the seasonal change from winter to spring, the renewal of frolicsome and merry animal life, and the transformation of Edmund’s character is dependent upon Aslan’s deeper magic of the power of immortality. Goodness and truth reign ultimately and eternally.

But there is no personal growth without challenge to spur us on, as we

certainly have that in this book. The white witch’s magic brought forth perpetual winter without Christmas. The weather is affected by the dominating power at hand. The coldness is a symbol for lack of warmth, love, life. It is a manifestation of the white witch’s evil rule, reflecting her very nature, her very being. The forest is still with neither squirrel nor bird in the trees—a deathlike winter.

Yet there is prophecy when the Beaver declares, “Wrong will be right…”

If you are looking for companionship, recreation, comfort and guidance, this book fits the bill. It is a cherished story to hold in your heart forever as the struggle between good and evil is made very clear.