You can make a difference in the world.

When you are helping others, you are releasing endorphines into your body, boosting your body, boosting your immune, hormone and neurological systems both in the short and long term says Darren Hardy, publisher of Success CD, September 2010. The whole person continues to grow into being more than we were before. It is life’s mandate to grow and go forth.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, share, show and serve those you meet.


Where can you meet another person’s need? Open ended questions are invaluable to you.

Where may I help with a need? This attitude is life affirming and brings forth well-being more effectively than regular exercises.

What knowledge can you share to give back to the world? This builds trust.

Helping is not just an opportunity, it is a responsibility. How to help comes after the decision to help. Your mind-set focuses on the issue and can creatively find a way to meet the mandate.

Joel Osteen said it well:

You can never buy hope in time of crisis, but I am positive of this…you can give it away.

Peace of mind and hope are two key elements we can all do with each and every day. What can you offer others to build hope, peace of mind and empowerment?