Ball Hockey Happy

You want to learn hockey but there isn’t any ice to skate on. What do you do? How do you get  started? Do what other players do – turn to ball hockey to develop and sharpen your skill off the ice and  for skill development for ice hockey teams. First find a rubber ball and borrow or buy a hockey stick.

Developing your skill is as simple and immediate as learning to stick handle before that slapshot  against the basement wall….

“Come upstairs, your supper is getting cold, or do I have to come down there and carry you  up!” the woman’s voice boomed down the stairs.

“Oh, I forgot you called. Coming!” A thwap and bounce was heard as Maggie slapped the  rubber ball against the cement wall in the unfinished corner of the basement.

“At least she isn’t wasting time blogging or watching videos all day long. She’s the strongest 14 year old on the team.” Coordination and physical stamina are just two of this sport’s valuable features.

In her practice  game Maggie forgot that there was more to the game than an ability to shoot. “I’ll hit it in and everyone  will cheer!” as she swung wide and missed the ball (did her stick suddenly have a hole in it?), she  whirled around, rear end greeted the ground with stick in flight. The jolt knocked some sense into her.

Scrambling to all fours, Maggie scanned the iceless rink. “I forgot the most important thing.

Teamwork!” Her face reddened at her attempt at showing off. Her stick had clattered mere inches from  her hand.

Angela, equally red faced, ran up and declared “I was ready for you! We’re doing passing drills.  Smarten up!”

The real prize to the game, Maggie realized, was not how many goals you can make on your  own, but in the mental self-discipline to practice, be humble, and excel for the team as various co-operative plays are made to get past the opponent defense. Your skill is your own but you are not alone on the rink.

Scores of Maggies learn that G.U.T.S. Growing Up Through Sports while playing the affordable game  of ball hockey initiates a mental, physical and social fitness that follows the young person into adulthood, a solid personal foundation stone to build upon as one continues to learn, play and grow.