I wish it weren’t true, but Canada has such a homeless problem that the average person just tunes it out like too much noise or too many signs and advertisements that one stops listening or reading. Prostitution is a big survival business.

When enough individuals choose to make a difference, change is possible.


UVic rabbits were in all the news in 2010. These once-loved pets were abandoned by their student owners after their study terms were over thinking it natural to put these animals into the wild. The universityrabbits eventually hired a company to cull the rabbits which were destroying trees and such outside the university ring. Those inside the ring were adopted throughout North America. They are a metaphor for Canada’s homeless.

under the open sky

uvic rabbits





no regular meals

suddenly homeless


timmy'sTimmy’s was 24 hour…

two year wait

once upon a time

Be Prepared to Diffuse the Homeless Time Bomb:
A Reference Page to Use Before, and When an Event Happens

Here are resources in the community for you to actively become acquainted with:

Ø http://ourplacesociety.com Drop-in centre, kitchen, shower rooms. 250-220-4026
Ø http://www.CoolAid.org/esc Resources, education, employment and support. 250-595-8619
Ø http://pacificahousing.ca 250-385-2131
Ø The Mustard Seed Street Ministry, http://www.theseed.ca
Ø Vancouver Island Crisis Line, 24/7. Telephone 1-888-494-3888
Ø http://peerhelping.uvic.ca

There are scores of reasons why you may end up homeless. Stress can play havoc on out mental, spiritual and physical selves. Here are resources you need to review and possibly pursue before you are on the street:

Ø Victoria Mental Health Centre. Andrew, Early Psychosis Intervention 250-888-0601
Ø Vancouver Island Health Authority. EPI Clinician 250-889-4284
Ø Canadian Mental Health Association, http://www.cmha.ca
Ø http://www.phoenixhumanservices.org , 1824 Store Street (2nd floor). 250-383-4821

“We are like tea bags—we don’t know our own strength until we are in hot water.” Sister Busche

Ø UVic Sexual Assault Centre, 250-472-4388. avp@uvss.uvic.ca
Ø Men’s Trauma Centre, 102-1022 Pandora Avenue. 250-381-MENS (6367)

“As many as 30% of males report having experienced traumatic abuse as children.” Brochure

Ø Citizens Counselling Centre, 941 Kings’ Road. Sliding fee scale. 250-384-9934
Ø Friends of Music Society, 2328 Trent Street. http://www.friendsofmusic.ca 250-592-5114
Ø http://www.anythingtostopthepain.com
Ø http://www.heretohelp.bc.ca
Ø Suicide Awareness for Youth (SAY). Kristin 250-386-6328 ext 223, kstein@need2.ca
Ø British Columbia Schizophrenia Society, http://www.bcss@shaw.ca 250-384-4225
Ø Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Shonia Collison, Health Team Leader, 250-384-3211
Ø The next step in your recovery process: http://www.VolunteerVictoria.bc.ca
Ø http://youthspace.ca Chat online, e-counselling, peer support forums
Ø Equity & Human Rights http://web.uvic.ca/eqhr 250-721-8488
Ø Pandora Arts Collective, 1923 Fernwood Road. Drop-in: T, Th 12—4 p.m. 250-920-7227

Be proactive. Get involved.
Homelessness is a symptom of many problems.
You are a vital part of the solution—if you choose.