Keep Up the Good Work!

What motivates an employee?

Your response will expose your economic labour philosophy. For this blog, however, the approach is to delegate responsibility to laborers. Grant complainers some of the work they are concerned with.

Can the person do the job?

Provide training for skills related to the job.

Who’s available to do the job? Who can do it better?

Develop a support network for confidence boosting. Yet, through it all, take care not to punish a good performer with more work. Take care not to overwork a good performer.

Job Ownership – the 3 W’s:

Who do you delgate to? Why? Where does it fit in the big picture?

Recognition – the 3 S’s:

Sincere. Specific. Steady. Reward with personalized acknowledgements to emphasize that good performance matters. Link incentive programs to a specific work with a specific reward.

In team building, ensure the individual goals support eam goals. Get people to want to do what you need to get done.


Realistic:goals, vision statement, reward steps, celebrate accomplishments.

Empower: delegate authority, maintain some control by increasing communication to utilize strengths of everyone involved.

Synergy: sum of the parts are greater than the whole. One person’s strength helps to strengthen weak areas of the team. Be confident, not arrogant. Be open to new ways to doing things.

Understanding: communication needs feedback for verification and evaluation.

Learn: learn knowledge follows with experience knowledge. Repeat with learn knowledge followed with experience knowledge.

Time: Economize on time and energy. Not “How are you?” but “What can I do for you?” Maximize potential.

Satisfy: motivate with the end in mind. Spell it out.

Fish Philosophy

Have a huge breakthrough in your life – make work fun. You will have more energy and commitment. Have fun at work. Deal in service to the best of your ability. Play and make their [the customers’] day. Be the person in the moment. Be present in the moment. Choose your attitude. Communicate effectively.

Book When Fish Fly, Catch! A Fishmonger’s Guide to Greatness. Technology of Being