Normally I simply compile information with reflections on this site. However, today, this is a blog about some news: “NHS worker who ‘bullied’ Muslim by praying for her” by David Barrett, of the Telegraph, June 28, 2014. See and

The comments on this blog site were most disturbing. First, we have devolved from a global society in which we share our spirituality with one another, to keeping “religion” out of the public or workplace discourse in order to not offend others of different backgrounds. As you read Victoria Wasteney’s comments in the above link you will see that she had a spiritual, not religious, communion with her. She was supportive, friendly, and welcoming. Her only “mistake” was to pass on the book for relatives to find it. This put the young lady in danger from her own family.  The real issue is freedom of public discourse, a matter Wasteney is attempting to address. The comments on these articles were not helpful.