The first FreedomLine publication was UnHoly Orders: Abuse of Power that Tempts Us All ensued. It remains in some libraries under Booker. Deemed ahead of its time, such societal hidden power abuses are now coming into public light.

I wrote some articles for the Women’s Missionary Society’s Glad Tidings about the topic, and I have done some recent editing and put them here.

Be Prepared

Doing the Two-Step

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After these were released in two sequential editions, there was enough furor (one published letter by a male minister) that the editor was afraid to publish the final–and to my mind–most important concluding article I had prepared. I have slightly updated it for Canadian (multicultural) audiences:

Closing Down the Game

Brock University Guest Lecturer Janet A McDonald is first published here January 2014. Since sources did not want to be identified, I elected not to include this research in the book. Twenty years later, the issue of protecting confidential sources is secure even with publication.

UnHoly Orders: Abuse of Power that Tempts Us All; the Identification and Recovery Process from Sexual Harassment and Assault by Clergy and Other Religious Leaders

Between seduction-the OK sin and the many opportunities availed clergy to offend in private, anyone is a potential target. This book provides an analysis of sexual abuse by clergy and other religious leaders, identification of situations of abuse, societal norms which set the abusive stage, attitudes toward the person who declares he/she has been a target of abuse, practical steps to take when recovering from sexual harassment and assault, recovery for the perpetrator, psychological explanations to assist communities to accept the reality of the situation and to heal, recovery resource section.

Janet A. Booker, R.N., B.A. Psychology. 212 pages, 1996. Ask your public library. Currently out of print.

One resource for UnHoly Orders was from Linda E. Ledray, Ph.D. and her book Recovering from Rape, Henry Holt & Co., New York, N.Y., 1986.

Dr. Ledray notes that there are few training manuals for rape crisis counselors. Ledray reveals the gender difference in attitudes about fighting back: men believe women should fight back, women believe non-compliance only angers men more. I find the reaction is to not react, hoping the skunk won’t spray, the rattle snake won’t bite.

Janet A McDonald
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7 Responses to “FreedomLine Publications”

  1. Dr. Thomas Kelly Says:

    I would like to purchase this book. Do You have a copy?

  2. Yes, I do. I have sent you an email.

  3. Fatemi Ghani Says:


    What is the mode of sale of your products? is it through MLM or traditional sale?


  4. The Ganoderma lucidum is MLM, but the rest is my personal registered business FreedomLine Enterprises. See also

  5. Sandy Says:

    Hello. I’m so glad to see your website.
    I have a novel based on fact that is published on Amazon’s Kindle. Here is the description:

    Clergy sexual abuse. How could it happen? Why is it so pervasive, yet so long undetected? To Forgive the Foxes reveals the tragedy of a long hidden crime in America, and explores how it proliferated for decades with impunity. Joan’s story, set in the upper mid-western 1960s, transitions through her early religious indoctrination, loss of innocence, and cruel rejection, to arrive at a jolting epiphany in her twenties.

    Joanie Moller, a Catholic parochial student, experiences emotional and physical abuse from her teachers that escalates to sexual abuse by her parish priest. She grows into a suspicious and repressed young woman who, somehow, manages to follow her dream of becoming a nurse. While working in the operating room at University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, and living in denial of her past, Joan attracts the attention of an older and very complex general surgeon, Dr. Bret Fabrey.

    Bret is the local cut-up, notorious for his O.R. hijinks and brash personality, but once he is able to convince Joan to go out with him, he reveals a wise maturity on their initial dates. This zany joker has his own dark history and the heart of a spiritual philosopher. Once he has fallen in love with Joan, he makes it his goal to convince her that forgiveness is for the forgiver.
    Do you have suggestions for publishing my novel?
    Thanks, Sandy

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