“FreedomLine” honours the Underground Railroad for escaping slaves coming up to Canada in the late 19th Century. The term “North Star” referred to Canada, but also was handy in practical terms since Canada was the northern direction to which the North Star guided. This site is a refuge a sanctuary, for to heal and to excel.

 Follow the North Star to freedom–freedom with integrity, determination, and courage.

The stained glass header was my first stained glass and soldering project. I apologize upfront if the poor soldering  work puts soldering professionals and stained glass hobbiests’ collective teeth on edge.

When I was twelve, I started to read the book Autobiography of a Hindu Yogi from out of the library. A rather longish book, I had to keep taking it back to the library for renewal. I always lost my place–I didn’t have the forethought of a university student to think to have a paper and pen by my bed to write where I left off. But one thing spoke right to me and challenged me to the core.

The yogi had a vision similar to the account in the New Covenant section of the Holy Bible of the transfiguration of Christ on a hill top with Moses and Elijah (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfiguration_of_Jesus). There were many other Holy people, many of whom I hadn’t heard of, standing with Jesus from different religio-cultural backgrounds. Although I was being trained under a strictly Judeo-Christian frame of reference at the time, I knew that my point of view would encompass that vision.

Trusting the words of Jesus as my spiritual compass and guide to measure the voracity of all others  encompasses the yogi vision.

I have known the days of Registered Nurse Diplomas, life as an Obstetrical Nurse, and establishing a family, tacking on a BA in Psychology in 1989. I also have studied politics, business,  Hindu philosophy, Islamic political history, conflict resolution, and have Graduate Certificates in Intelligence Analysis and Criminal Tactical Analysis with the JIBC.

Since having a drug-soaked classmate falling asleep on his desk behind me in English class in high school, I have been keenly interested in meeting people at their point of need. Seeing the solution stemming from deep spirituality, in later years I chose study in Divinity school to be a minister (that is, a priest/guru/rabbi/imam…) instead of the more mainstream Social Work field. I took two pastoral care courses in two mainstream Christian denominations and accumulated quite a lot of books from a minister who retired.

We need each other, to care for each other, and to be cared for. FreedomLine Enterprises is foundational for just such a healthy community.

Janet A McDonald
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