Looking for ideas to bring people together? to cooperate in an organized fashion? Keen on seeing positive cohesion? group health? Trouble explaining “methodology” to superiors? gaining group by-in when they fill out forms? getting concrete information to collate for follow-through?

Want to measure changes in attitude? insights? on how to act responsibly to each participant and to the group?

Check these out!


In an electronic social media world, the art of pulling together and making comprehensive plans (not spur of the moment stuff and then see the fur fly) has generally become a lost art. These new skills will pull together a team that can bring projects to completion.

Designing an Administrative Group/Oversight Committee

Need people who commit and  innovate? Have you intractable political/stovepiping barriers?  members unable to understand, analyze and develop recommendations? Have participants work effectively with authority, create unity of purpose, fill mission goals.

The following links are prepared for you free. Simply credit Janet A McDonald, FreedomLine Enterprises, 2014.

An example of teamwork    The Strawberry Tea

True friendships don’t mysteriously appear, they are continuous decisive acts of devotion to one another.

Group Leader PowerPoint Presentation:  The Community Works Together

Measure Before and After Effects on Your Group

Do surveys periodically for participant commitment. Weekly/monthly meetings increase responsible caring interactions: knowing someone consistently cares positively modifies participant behavior.

Measuring quality development of group  and individual health: Survey Questions ; Open ended survey questions

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