Still Breathing?

Impact Your World

Don’t Waste Your Mind!

The fetus begins to map out a personal inventory for future reference on which to build in a journey of self-reflection. Humans  create energy born out of self-reflection. Capitalize on this force by not hanging on to it into a self-absorbed strangle-hold.

Give yourself permission to clear your mind of turmoil, of working in a rut. Let thoughts tumble and settle down where they will. Let the Creative of which you are made, speak to your inner core. All that is good and true attracts all that is good and true.

What’s In a Ritual?

Daily routine is automatic. Energy is conserved for other thoughts and tasks of the day. This ritual behaviour takes you away from self-absorption, comfort in the mundane, the familiar. The unfamiliar is unsettling. Balance occurs when you allow the unfamiliar stretch you into provocative growth. The ritual is the backdrop which creates focus and attention to the unusual.

Hunger, tiredness, fear and fever realign our priorities and preoccupations of the mind. Resiliency builds when the internal dialogue is fluid and varied. Problem solving and creativity develop as we remember to exist in –and pay attention to– our whole body not just our mind. 

A surreptitious systematic control of behaviour enables one to collect and channel energies, gaining an advantage over oppressors. Relaxing stops the internal turmoil.

Imagine this exercise:

Make a mirror with your own hands. In creating this mirror it becomes an extension of your self. Hold mirror on surface of a body of water. Filled with anticipation, let the fluidity of the water exert pressure on awareness.  Let mirror submerge. Hold it firmly on the bottom. Empty yourself of thoughts and stare at the surface of the mirror. Gaze fixedly without staring, without focusing on any one part. Gaze into the unknown. Do not close your mind or visual perception.

The mirror represents your person dying to self as the mirror is submerged, and a clean new life ready for a new way of being emerges.

Do You Know What Your Intentions Are?

Willfulness, channeled energy, is formed out of perceptions.  The best way to control the power of your will is to be aware of the “why” of your actions, otherwise known as intent. Instead of your will controlling you, you can channel your energies in helpful efficient ways.

An excellent way to develop control over your will is to learn to direct and remember your dreams. Lucid dreaming is very powerful. For example, look at your hands with detached ease. Deliberate, precise and sustained action eventually forms unbending intent leading to internal silence and strength (Castaneda, The Fire From Within, 176). Self discipline of the will focuses personal energy. 

Being effective is more important than being noticed. Come and go without leaving a trace. Act with honour. Love for love’s sake not for recognition.

Are you self-absorbed, self-important? Do you seek or demand acknowledgement or recognition where recognition is due?

Can You Care Too Much?

It all goes back to intent: fearful of “imposing” your will on someone so you won’t do anything for that person? That is about you, not about the other person. That is an excuse! Reflective thought could become obsessive thought. Don’t think so much but pay attention.

Move your perspective to where it is immaterial whether people like you, dislike you, or ignore you. Like a shepherd herding sheep, actively guide people to their benefit. You can help people to do anything.

Various Modes of Guidance

Ideally, you select the mode of instruction according to what would be the most useful for the person you are helping. However, not everyone has enough skill to switch from one mode or the other.

Teaching involves explaining, gaining full cooperation and full participation of the student, team member, client. This provides freedom, choice and understanding.

Experienceas in a dramatization uses force to experience the lesson without explanation. The enactment causes a particular effect. Understanding may be elusive, but a total realization that is not lost in intellectualism occurs.

Storiesof similar occurrences when one is frightened diminishes a sense of isolation and decreases fear to something more manageable.

Establish new habits which let go of self-importance of hanging on to habits like an extension of your persona.

Go on! Be a force to be reckoned with!

Janet A Wiebe